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Funding Information

Outlined within the ICSP was the need for local business, clubs, and organizations to become better informed of funding opportunities available to them:

Funding Forum

In Nov 2011 the Tweed and Area Community Development Committee - in partnership with the Municipality of Tweed Economic Development Department organized a one day free Funding and Business Assistance Forum for community businesses, stakeholders and not-for-profit organizations residing in the Municipality of Tweed. 

The morning was devoted to funding & business assistance organizations sharing information about their programs, eligibility requirements and what makes for a successful application. Following lunch (provided), participants had an opportunity to meet one-on-one with the various organizations to determine if their initiative/idea/project might be something the organization would entertain funding or supporting.  The forum was also designed as a means to start building some bridges and identifying contacts for future endeavours. 

It was a 'green' iniative, where digital copies of organization's support materials and power point  presentations were made available to all attendees on CD.

To request a copy of the 2011 Funding Forum CD click here.

The Municipal Economic Development Department is taking the idea of the Funding Forum to Hastings County on behalf of the Community Development Committee to offer the funding forum to a wider region in 2012.

Funding Sources

The following potential funding sources for community initiatives have been identified by the Tweed and Area Community Development Committee:

Comprehensive Listing of Potential Funding Sources for Community Initiatives (March 2012)