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All Tweed business and service providers are encouraged to email us or fax us at 613-478-6457 with your up-to-date information so that you can be included in the Tweed Business Directory.


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Crate Canada Inc
Richard Cooke
223 Louisa St.
P.O. Box 1093
Tweed, ON K0K 3J0
Business Phone: 613-916-6211
Toll Free: 888-329-7501

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Crate Canada Inc

Crate Canada Inc is a crate systems distributor partnering with a diverse group of companies varying from those established for 75 years to new companies providing leading edge technology, non profit organizations and forward looking associations. With an emphasis on cost reduction and product reusability, our customizable crating solutions and delivery options help shipments reduce overhead, lower operating costs and increase warehouse storage space. Our advanced crate technologies allow for crates to be broken down flat, saving shipment costs and bettering supply management. The disassembling crates that Crate Canada offers will save you 40% on crating costs while keeping the world a little greener. With a strong presence in the Green movement, Crate Canada proudly boasts its contribution to helping reduce environmental waste by keeping a minimal carbon footprint and using advanced recycling technologies in an industry where not many exist. Instead of throwing out large crates after one use, the reusability of the crates we offer means we will be cutting less wood and reducing natural resource output.

Crate Canada Inc
Information Last Updated: Wednesday January 10, 2018