Fire Hydrant Flushing - East

Date:April 19, 2018
Time:8:00am - 4:00pm
Location:East of Victoria St.

Ontario Clean Water Agency will be carrying out a fire hydrant flushing program in the Village of Tweed over the next two weeks.  In order to complete this program, the west side of the village will be completed the first week and the east side of the village will be completed the second week.  Hours of flushing will be between 8 AM -4 PM. 

Warning: Hydrant flushing can cause rust and sediment to be stirred up for some hours. We recommend that a supply of drinking water be drawn prior to hydrant flushing and that you refrain from doing laundry during the flushing program and the day after the flushing program.

Flushing helps to ensure clear drinking water.  Flushing keeps the water mains clear of obstructions and sediment to ensure full flow for firefighting.  Flushing is mandatory under the Ontario Fire Code.