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Fees & Charges

AS PER BY-LAW NO. 2017-21 (Effective May 23, 2017)

Photocopying: $0.25 per page
Yard Sale: $5.00
Blue Box: $7.00
Lottery Licence: 3% of total prize value; subject to minimum charge $5.00 and maximum charge $250.00
Marriage Licence: $100.00
Burial Permit:  $10.00
Tax Certificate: $50.00 (includes work orders; liens)
NSF Cheque: $50.00
Display Signs (on municipal property): $50.00 per year
Zoning Letter: $50.00
Zoning Compliance: $50.00
Zoning Amendment: $600.00
Minor Variance: $400.00
Parkland Fee:  $750.00
Road Closing: Applicant pays all costs (advertising, legal, etc)

Fees set as per By-law 2014-07.
Dog Tags per calendar year: January 1st - March 31st $15.00/dog; April 1st - December 31st $45.00/dog
Kennel Licence per calendar year: January 1st - March 31st $100.00/licence; April 1st - December 31st $150.00/licence

Fees set as per By-Law 2013-26 and any amendments.

Burning Permit: $10.00 each per calendar year
Inspection: $100.00
Return Inspection: $15.00

Arena Ice Rental: $137.00/hour (includes HST) Prime Time Rate; $89.00/hour (includes HST) Non Prime Time Rate; $97.00/hour (includes HST) Minor Hockey and Figure Skating in Prime Time Hours
Arena Rental: Summer Use $300.00 for Receptions plus damage deposit; $40.00 per hour for ball hockey, etc
Prime Time Hours:  Rentals after 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and all day Saturday & Sunday.
Arena - Summer Use:  $350.00 for Receptions plus damage deposit; $42.00/hour (includes HST) for Ball Hockey, etc.
Arena Sign Rental:  Wall Signs $100.00/season; Board Signs $200.00/season; Zamboni Signs $250.00/season

Ball Diamond Rental: $26.00 (includes HST) for day use; $32.00 (includes HST) for evening use; $20.00 (includes HST) for day use - youth rate; $25.00 (includes HST)  for evening use - youth rate; $56.00 (includes HST) per day for tournaments
$27.00 (includes HST) for day use - Stoco
$27.00 (includes HST) for day use - Marlbank
Soccer Field Rental:  Tweed Soccer Association - $1,500.00/season (includes HST); Outside Groups - $$26.00 (includes HST); Outside Groups - Tournaments/day - $56.00 (includes HST)
Splash Pad:  Outside School Groups - $2.00/person (includes HST)

Entrance Permit: Municipality recovers all costs incurred for work carried out which includes the cost of culvert, gravel and staff hours; Administration Fee: $100.00 Plus Applicable Deposits: $500.00 Residential, $1,000.00 Commercial

Bag Tags:  $1.50 per tag.
RESIDENTIAL RATES:  Non-recyclable garbage in CLEAR BAGS ONLY.
Regular Bags and Containers as defined in Waste Management By-Law $1.50
Oversize Bags and Oversize Containers $3.00
TIRES:  are accepted Free of Charge.
No tires with rims accepted.
ELECTRONICS:  are accepted Free of Charge.
Televisions, Computers, Printers, etc. 
METAL HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES:  are accepted Free of Charge.  Must be placed in scrap metal pile.
Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Water-Tanks, Toasters, Microwaves, Food Processors, Kettles, Lawn Chairs,
Decommissioned Refrigerators, Freezers and Air Conditioners, etc.
BULK ITEMS:  $130.00 per ton; Loads under 350 lbs. - $20.00 minimum charge.
Brush, Furniture, Construction Debris, Shingles, Painted and Stained Lumber, etc.

Tractor Trailers are Not Permitted.
Construction debris delivered to the waste site should result from specific work or project within the municipality which would be authorized by obtaining a building or demolition permit from the Chief Building Official.  A copy of the permit is required to deposit construction debris at the waste site.